One of the main objective of school education is to make a child fearless – Children are plagued with various fear such as fear of failure, stage, exams, mathematics, science etc. The school should provide ample opportunities to children to know their fears and more importantly equip them with adaptive tools to overcome them. At DCS our constant endeavour is to find impressionable ways through which children can independently overcome their shortcomings. Be it inside the classroom or outside, every student should walk out of the institution with the ability to challenge the unknown. To achieve this, we at Doon Convent School try and provide students exposure to varied real life situations early on. Be it through year round inter-school competitions both at scholastic/co-scholastic level, aptitude exams both in-house and external, educational excursions, field visits, community sensitization programmes, cultural exchange programmes, etc. This enables them to realize their true potential which we believe cannot be judged through a standardized one time aptitude test.

Through all this we hope that the students are not merely just data banks but learners who have mastered the art of self belief and realization. After all, many schools can boast about how many of their students made it to top notch engineering/medical/law/IAS etc institutions. We want our students to go onto become entrepreneurs who have overcome their fears and are ready to take the risks and feed more people than just themselves. Our nation needs more fearless leaders.