What is quality education? This term is often thrown around loosely in academic circles. Is it just about getting CGPA of 10 or making it to prestigious colleges? What is the importance of quality education if it is not aligned by a strong moral based value system? We need an academic environment which is supported by the steps of morals and values at each juncture. The necessity of moral education and values is the need of the hour given that our future generation is consumed by the virtual world – a world wherein it is easy to get information but difficult to gain knowledge. The role of a teacher becomes critical in such times.

We at Doon Convent School (DCS) along with our academic curriculum try to inculcate the moral values and ethics in our students which in future will make them successful leaders with moral & ethical Values.


Some of the practices that we have implemented in our school towards a value based education system are below:

  • Mudras- Gyan, Pran Mudras along with Meditation/Yoga are practiced with children
  • Inviting spiritual and motivational speakers amongst parents/community to give a sermon on Value Education every month for children from class 3 upwards.
  • Using Value Education Kit from CBSE as a guide for Teachers
  • A Value Based thought/story is shared by the Teacher in the morning assembly every day.
  • Students share a moral value twice a week during morning assembly.
  • Giving weightage to questions based on morals and values in assessments for classes 1 upwards on lines similar to CBSE Board Assessment for class 9 to 12.
  • Theme Based Assembly
  • Special emphasis to Sanitation Mission
  • Community Service Programme
  • Linking Multi Disciplinary student’s project with morals and value based outcome

We all know that home plays an important role in the development of a child’s characteristics; attitude and the way to deal with things. Thus it becomes important to teach them morals, values and ethics at home. Thus it is my earnest request to parents, fellow academicians that it is our responsibility to ensure we create leaders with strong morals, values and ethics.

“The darkness can be eliminated by lighting a single lamp......Let’s begin”