Along-with inculcation in the routine life of the students- Tri-weekly checking is used to track Hygiene i.e. Nails, Uniform and Hair-Cut of the students. The students and their parents are counseled on the importance of Health and Hygiene. The status of Health is reported to parents through the report card during PTM. The school also conducted a pilot project wherein under-weight students of classes 1, 2 and 3 were given one fist-full of Horse-Gram mixed with onions daily. In about two month’s time the weight of 80% of the students had become normal.


Through various teacher training programmes on positive discipline the number of incidents reported on corporal punishment have reduced. Teachers are trained to use positive disciplining measure to tackle cases of indiscipline. Through periodic counseling and formulating constructive class rules which are agreed by the teacher and students cases of indiscipline have reduced.